Multi-panel screens are on birch plywood, framed in clear pine.
They are painted with tinted stain, acrylics, and metallic paint.

The hinges are double articulated, allowing a variety
of arrangements in their installation.
The verso image is a shadow pattern
in metallic on an opalescent ground.

Triads are equilateral triangular columns made in birch plywood.
They stand as solo pieces or in groups, inviting a stroll
around them to see the images from all sides.

Ocean Dunes
4 Panels
35 x 18.5 inches
(35 x 72 total)
Walking Dunes
3 Panels
51 x 18.5 inches
(51 x 57 total)
Beech Tree Fantasy / Oak Leaf Shadows
51 x 18.5 inches
(51 x 114 total)
( verso )
Morning Glory Triad
60 x 12 x 12 x 8 inches

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